The most affordable lead generation system available and best of all it’s

For a small monthly fee of $19.95, you will have EXCLUSIVE LEADS from your Post code Package.

Lock away your postcode from your competitors NOW!! (No locked in Contract and Money back refund if not happy in the first 3 months)

Post Codes are going fast - don’t miss this opportunity for exclusive lead generation in your area!

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Frequently Asked

  • Who can sign up?
  • You can sign up as an individual agent with exclusive access to all leads, or as the Principal of an Agency where leads can be assigned to your staff via an online CRM system.

  • How are enquiries sent?
  • You will be provided with access to a CRM system where you can manage the enquiries. The CRM system can allocate leads to staff members or you can keep all leads for yourself.

  • How do I get started?
  • Select the Post Code or Post Codes you would like to reserve, we will tell you if they are available. Review our online agreement and tick the box to agree. Complete a direct debit request.