Connecting sellers & agents

Choosing the right agent can be hard. At WhatsYourPropertyWorth, we help break the ice by introducing you to the most knowledgeable agent in your area.

Setting the right price

Receiving an accurate appraisal on your home is a great start! But you also need to know what the market is doing right now and a qualified WhatsYourPropertyWorth agent will be able to offer you a invaluable insight into the current state of the market.

Not just an agent.

When it comes to selling your home, price is just one factor; its appearance, the best way to market your property and legal requirements need to be considered as well, and your WhatsYourPropertyWorth Agent will have you covered. They'll even put you in touch with your local removalist once you're sold!


What's Your Property Worth...since 2004

Yes, we've been around that long! Ok, it's not exactly "Knights Of The Round Table" era but they didn't have the internet so celebrating eleven years in this business means we're doing something right! If you're thinking of selling, this is the perfect place to start...after all, you can never be too informed when it comes to your biggest investment. For agents, if you have an incredible knowledge of your local area and feel you can offer your clients a fantastic, friendly service to go along with the most accurate market appraisal, then you should get in touch and find out how to become part of the WhatsYourPropertyWorth team.

What Our
Customers Think

Through this site, I was put in touch with a WhatsYourPropertyWorth agent and from the first minute I felt completely comfortable letting them handle the sale of my property. The appraisal was spot on and the service first class all the way!

Raymond Box

I've used WhatsYourPropertyWorth twice now and it will always be my first avenue to get a valuation on my home. Their agents are knowledagble, friendly and above all, professional. Highly recommended!

Jack Spencer

I was really impressed with how quickly we had our home valued. We were looking at selling due to moving overseas and from completing the oline form to having a SOLD sticker on the sign in front of our house took less than 10 days!

Olivia Mason

work team

Matthew Tuxworth

Our main I.T guy and the creator of our fantastic new page. If it's broke, Matt will fix it!

Merran Hall

Merran looks after client-services and it's her job to follow up on appraisals and to answer any questions you might have.

Russell Hall

Our Operations Manager and the man who will ensure that you are put in touch with the right agent to appraise your home.

Catherine Hart

Our Miss.Fantastic who runs the office and works tirelessly to keep our clients and our agents happy!